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Grandmother chases down thieves

My co-editor, Cat, ran down a thief a few years ago. I like to imagine the astonished look on his face when a woman about half his size but in a state of high dudgeon pursued him to his car, raked him with indignant questions and tore her stolen bag out of his hands.

I send my best wishes to the 68-year-old grandmother who recently chased down three teenagers who had stolen her bag -

Janet Lane was sitting on a park bench when three teenagers grabbed her handbag containing £100 in cash, her mobile phone, an umbrella, a first-aid kit and a present that she had just bought for a friend.

What the thief did not know was that Mrs Lane had won the Yorkshire cross-country championship as a schoolgirl in 1953 and had kept herself in shape ever since.

As he and his two accomplices ran away, Mrs Lane set off in pursuit, chasing them across a park and into the grounds of a hotel. Despite wearing sandals, the 5ft 6in-tall grandmother managed to catch up and grabbed one of the youths by the collar. The youth, aged about 15, dropped her bag and begged to be let go. All three escaped empty-handed.

I like to think they received a salutary lesson.

Via An Englishman's Castle

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