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Megalithic insight


Archaeologists recently unearthed evidence that suggests that Stonehenge's inner ring of blue stones were used in healing rituals, but the mystery of why Stonehenge was built remains. What is not a mystery is that Megalithic people had an insight that is the foundation of modern science and medical cures.

For Megalithic people, life was often short and difficult. Yet they did not turn away from life, and invest all their energy in an unseen world because the real world felt too bitter to be endured. They did not call reality a vain illusion. Rather it appears they tried to understand their world and change its adverse impacts.

Surveys of Britain's ancient stone circles show that Megalithic people built their monuments on duodecimal measures, that is, measures based on the number 12, which is divisible by 2, 3, 4 and 6. Nature is partial to the duodecimal system. Crystals, which repeat indefinitely, are duodecimal. Financial markets, which deal in fractions of quarters, halves and eights, are also duodecimal.

Using duodecimal measures Megalithic people established the solar alignments of the great stone sarsens and an ancient timber circle and avenue at Stonehenge. They aligned them to the rising and setting sun of the midwinter solstice four thousand years ago.

Stonehenge may have been a healing centre, but the Megalithic people's stunning insight, marked by the great stone trilithons, was this - We live in a cosmos that follows certain laws which we can describe and predict.

This was the beginning of science. The idea seems obvious, but it took a long time to be worked out, and in many parts of the globe never saw the light of day or was lost.

In Britain, people took an irrepressible joy in pursuing discoveries built on this insight. They developed free thought and rational methods of establishing scientific proof. And from that fundamental first idea and scientific methods they created a host of inventions and discoveries for the world. A partial, chronological list includes -

Mean Speed Theorem
Concept of Infinite Void
Astronomical Clock
Perpendicular Architecture
Musical Chord of Triad (building block of Western music harmony)
Theory of Electricity and Magnetism
Knitting machine
Flush Toliet
Theory of Circulation
Theory of Human Sexual Reproduction
Slide Rule
Boyle's Law of Gas and Pressure
Chemical Analysis
The Royal Society, the first independent, fellowship-based academy of science
Universal Joint
Law of Elasticity
Iris Diaphragm
Compound Microscope
Theory of Cell
Theory of Light
Inverse Square Law of Gravitational Attraction
Law of Gravity
Laws of Motion
Reflecting Telescope
Southern Hemisphere Star Catalog
Halley’s Comet
Global Meterological Charts
Global Magnetic Survey
Mortality Tables
Trade Wind Charts
Vascular System in Trees
National Bank
Steam Engine
Norfolk 4-Course Crop Rotation
Mechanized Seed Drill
Mechanical Production (Industrial Revolution)
Pistons and cylinders
Electrical Insulators
Preserving Food
Desalinizing Water
Measuring Blood Pressure
Ventilating Ships
Charities and Trusts
Global Convection Currents
Flying Shuttle
Cure for Scurvy
Distilling Seawater
Liability and Property Insurance
Probability Estimates
Lighthouse Construction
Tuning Fork
Marine Chronometer
Breeds of farm animals
Bayesian Theory
Spinning Jenny
Gravitational Constant
Graphite as Conductor
Isolating Nitrous Oxide
Soda Pop
Free Market Economics and Free Enterprise
Discovery and catalogue of Sunspots
Discovery of Infrared Light
Theory and Catalogue of Nebulae
Power Loom
Digitalis to stimulate the heart
Ball Bearings
Vaccinating against Smallpox
Theory of Mechanical Energy as Heat
Drip Coffeepot
Convection Stove
Isolating Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Boron, Magnesium, Strontium, and Barium
Phenomenology of Interference
Science of Geology
Weather Prediction
Beaufort Wind Force Scale
Calculating Weights of Atoms
Machine Tools
Science of Neurology
Road maps
Railroad Locomotive
Railroad Bridges and Viaducts
Macintosh (raincoat)
Electromagnetic Induction
Electrical Generator
Electrical Transformer
Theory of Electromagnetic Phenomena
Portland Cement
Green's Theorem of magnetic and electrical fields
Reel Lawn Mower
Safety Fuse
Automatic Calculator
Diagnosing Bright's Disease, Addison's Disease, Lobar Pneumonia
Non-digital Photography
Postage Stamps
Fuel Cell
Platinum Zinc Battery
Joule's Law
Joule-Thomson Effect
Experiential Basis of Conservation of Energy
Absolute Temperature Scale
Second Law of Thermodynamics
Boolean Algebra
Mass-produced Steel
Gray's Anatomy
Theory of Survival of the Fittest
Theory of Evolution
Electric Light (later improved by Edison)
Modern Vascular Plant Taxonomy
Electromagnetic Field Theory
Maxwell-Boltzmann Kinetic Theory of Gases
Antiseptic Surgery
Oceanic Exploration and mapping
Selenium Cell
Wave Propagation Theory
Theory of Sound
Car Tires
Long-distance Phoning
Oxygen Machine
Discovery of Electron
Maunder Minimum
Steam Turbine
Nuclear Physics
Rutherford-Geiger Counter
Identifying Carriers of Sleeping Sickness
Vacuum Cleaner
Science of Genetics
Rust-free Wheat
Aircraft Carriers
Bragg's Law
X-ray Spectrometer
Mass Spectograph
Long-range Radio
Jet Plane
Splitting the Atom
Stereophonic Sound
Electronic Circuits
Organic Farming
Computer Science
Synthetic penicillin, B12, and insulin
Muscle Relaxants
Zebra Crossings
Discovery of DNA
Smoking as Cause of Cancer
Hip Replacement Surgery
Radio Telescope
Electron Capture Detector
Gaia Hypothesis
Vertical Take-off Aircraft
Speaker Stack
Beta Blockers
Birth Control Pill
Folding Baby Carriage
Portable Defibrillator
Hospice Care
Theory of Neuroplasticity
CT Scanner
DNA Fingerprinting
Human Genome
Stem Cell Tissue and Organ Replacement
Nerve Cell Regeneration

(You can read more about the inventors in the Science Timeline or by placing a word in search.)

The duodecimal measures used at Stonehenge are based on the proportions of the human body. Perhaps Megalithic people who hoped to be healed were drawn to the blue stones at a site grounded in human measures and aligned with the cosmos.

To us the real mystery is the survival of the insight.

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