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Image: Veritasse/Kevin Mayhew Publishers

Sculptor and writer Shawn Williamson put us in touch with Veritasse, which encourages and supports Christian artists and organisations, establishing links and forging friendships. The Veritasse art that I have seen is explicitly, subtly and mystically Christian.

In the eight years since their founding, demand has increased to such an extent that Veritasse has now partnered with Kevin Mayhew Publishers and others. Their September newsletter reports -

St. Andrew's bookshop in Maidenhead has teamed up with Aidan Meller, director of Veritasse, in an exciting new venture to bring Christian art onto the high street. Towards the end of September, the new gallery in a refurbished area of the bookshop, will be open for business. . .

The Meller Gallery, at the hub of the Veritasse company, in Oxfordshire, now has tables and chairs outside, so that art lovers can enjoy a relaxing drink in beautiful surroundings. The Gallery adjoins the lovely Church Green in Witney, near Oxford. . .

James Bragg, Veritasse Artisan, is today releasing a ground breaking DVD of music by Hyperdust and visual images by himself. James, who is also known as VJ Bragg, is becoming well known for his ability to work creatively with images and. . .music. He performed at Greenbelt in 2007. . .

Veritasse artisans appear to be a vibrant community of visual artists and musicians "who want to express their faith and make God accessible to their friends, neighbours and the wider world".

"Does this mean that every piece has to have an overt Christian meaning? No. An instrument played skilfully, a photograph of a flower opening, a mime artist controlling every movement- all these things can glorify God without having an obvious spiritual message."

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