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Frank North - He wanted to save lives

In his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention, Presidential nominee John McCain said that war "is terrible beyond imagination" and also that "we must see the threats to peace and liberty in our time clearly and face them".

Facing threats to peace and liberty is what Brits did in World War II.

Frank North, who has died aged 93, "was a medical orderly who crawled through barbed wire and a canal to rescue a soldier from a minefield".

When the war started, he "joined an Essex branch of the British Red Cross and, when the London Blitz began, he volunteered for night work at Queen Mary's Hospital in the East End. As the Battle of Britain reached its climax he joined the RAF as a medical orderly".

When his squadron became an armoured car unit, he followed it through France, Holland and Germany, where he willingly risked his life to save soldiers and civilians.

Ave atque Vale.

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