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Cameron in Tblisi

It's always hard to know when a politician is grandstanding.

"Mr Cameron flew to Tblisi." The Conservative Party Leader "stood side by side with Georgian Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze to call on Russia to immediately end its 'illegal' invasion."

Does anyone believe that Russia, which had mobilized thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks for weeks beforehand while waging cyber war on the Georgian government, and disinformation campaigns internationally, was not planning this invasion of Georgia for a long time?

Defending Russians? What next? Will they hand out passports to Russians in the Ukraine, or enclaves in Poland, and perceiving a threat to them, invade? Will they turn off the gas pipeline to Europe, and send their Gazprom hireling, former German Chancellor Schr?der, to tell Europeans how much they will have to pay to get it turned back on?

Does anyone looking at the Russian invasions of Georgia in the 19th century, its treaty with the Nazis and invasion of Poland and ruthless enslavement of Eastern European nations in the 20th century, its murder of Russian journalists writing about its actions in Chechnya, its threats to Poland and the Balkan nations and its corrupt thug 'capitalism' with its utter disregard of contracts and ethical business norms in the 21st century - can anyone fail to see what Russia is doing in Georgia to Georgians, and to the important BP oil pipeline?

I am glad that Mr Cameron went to Georgia.

Russia must face the consequences of its actions.

A review of Russian actions here.

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Great, another regular website I'll have to cut off for your nonsense.

Why don't you stick to what you know?

Does Cameron not have enough to worry about with the UK going to hell that he has to go off to defend psycho idiotic Georgian gangsters?

Did the UK bomb Bosnian Serbs for your al-Qaeda allies? Yes.

Did the UK bomb Yugoslavia to help your terrorist mafia KLA allies? Yes.

Did the UK pass UN SCR 1244? Yes. Did the UK violate its own order!? Yes!

Stick to what you know and stop embarrassing yourself.

"The world’s greatest supporters of Jihad:

1. The USA
2. The UK"

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