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Who likes miles?


The one country in the world with representatives from every race, ethnic group, religious faith and nation - that would be the US of A - prefers miles.


I know what you're thinking, those Americans spend far too time at the beach.

Now we find that Brits like miles, too?

Motorists are miles away from wanting speed and distances on the road to be measured metrically, it can be revealed -

Around two thirds of 18,500 AA members are strongly opposed to having speed limits in kilometres in the UK, an AA/Populus survey showed.

And about the same number are also not keen on measuring distances in kilometres.


Could this be because miles have worked well for rather a long time? But it's only the jumper set that wants to cling to the tried and true, isn't it?

The strongest opposition to going metric came from younger groups, with 83% of 18-24 year olds opposed to speed limits in kilometres per hour and 29% against kilometres being used for distances.


Apparently they think it might be a mistake to head too fast toward Miles End.

Vivian Linacre, I believe you're smiling.

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