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Paying our respects to the less well-known

We often write about well-known people, and I suppose being remembered in Telegraph Obituaries is several leagues away from the obituaries most people will know, yet in many ways Sir Robert Taylor, who has died at 75, strikes me as one of the millions of largely unknown people contributing to local and national well-being.

Taylor was an entrepreneur - a category we should and will have on the website - since the jobs and lives of many people depend on people who take risks and build businesses.

He was a grammar school boy who served in the RAF as a pilot, flight commander and popular flight instructor. After taking early retirement he became Birmingham Airport's assistant director then director and transformed the place into a successful international airport hub. Crippled in the 1980s in a car crash, Sir Robert carried on, living with "effervesence" and continuing to work as a businessman.

To him and to those who make a contribution but receive scant credit, Ave atque Vale.

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