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English heritage on TV and the small problem of the kilogram


English Heritage is producing history films and showing them online. One of the first is the Battle of Hastings. It's informative, violent, as battles tend to be, and has a handsome narrator. He left this American viewer a little disgruntled with his observation that the chain mail weighed 30 kilograms. When Leo Blair was born in 2000, the BBC declared "he weighed 6lbs 12oz, according to Downing Street". Clearly everybody in Britain knew what 6lbs 12 oz meant, even the tenants of No. 10, so why use these absurd, EU-dictated kilograms. (Sorry to sound like a curmudgeon if you're terribly fond of kilos, but I can't understand why you would be.) Further the narrator observes that after William the Conqueror's victory, French became the language of England, but though it was spoken at court, the English fought to retain their language, and obviously succeeded. Of course they welcomed useful French words and ideas. All three of them.

Oh dear, what's gotten into me?

A number of different celebrities are filmed talking about their favourite places, too - Tintagel, Eltham Palace, Osborne House, Stonehenge.

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