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Richard Branson unveils Eve


"Out in the Mojave desert, Virgin Galactic has unveiled the new transport ship they'll be using to carry their SpaceShipTwo into suborbital space. With a 140-foot wingspan, it's the largest all-carbon composite aircraft ever built. Virgin founder Richard Branson christened the plane, EVE, after his mother."

Duncan Law-Green of Rocketeers UK explained to us that "In full operation, WhiteKnight 2 will carry the SpaceShipTwo spaceplane with six passengers to 50,000 ft and release it, and the spaceplane will rocket on a suborbital trajectory to an altitude of over 100km. Spacecraft test flights are expected to start next year, with the first commercial spaceflights sometime in 2010".

At the unveiling -

A blogger reports:"I got chills."

A space honeymooner imagines: "Floating up in zero G to kiss my wife."

Richard Branson: "There are only window seats."

Virgin Galactic expects to create 100,000 new astronauts in its first year of operations.

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free spins no deposit win real money

very interesting

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