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Radio heroine defies Mugabe and thugs


Gerry Jackson
Image: From a photo by David Sandison, the Independent

"As Zimbabwe clamps down on free speech, Gerry Jackson's British radio station is reaching out to its most helpless citizens." Kim Thomas reports that for the desperate people of Zimbabwe, "where broadcasters are controlled by the state, most independent newspapers have been banned and foreign reporters are outlawed", Jackson is a lifeline.

"Impartial information about what is going on in their own country is a rare and precious commodity. For many Zimbabweans, one small radio station, broadcasting on shortwave from the UK, offers the only opportunity to find out what is happening. SW Radio Africa has been broadcasting daily to the country since 2001", after Jackson fled Zimbabwe's oppressive regime -

Each day, SW Radio Africa broadcasts news from north London to Zimbabweans about the events in their country. Much of it comes from people on the ground, who talk to the station on their mobile phones or send text messages. The station's seven journalists are on the phone to Zimbabwe all day, says Jackson.

The violence in Zimbabwe is intense. Mugabe is now deliberately starving the people. Mineral resources have been sold to China, which supplies the illegal regime with weapons.

Gerry looks tired in the photo. After all that various "world" leaders have said about Mugabe, you would think they would help support the only free radio station providing independent news to the people of Zimbabwe. They are not providing help, but we can.