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In a house in the country


It's a sunny day, and a dog is sleeping in his basket. Either the dog is old or the walk was long.

The 18th century table with stocking feet, the gilt-framed paintings, beautiful old carpet and the ornaments on the chimneypiece give the impression that generations of the same family have been living in this house. They like to walk - boots, variety of walking sticks, sun hat. Did every generation leave behind a walking stick?

The double wide chair is said to be historical evidence that at some time in the 19th century two men who had been elected to Parliament were chaired together. It must have been quite a ride.


Close-up from Hogarth's Chairing the Member.

According to English Country, the source of the photo, this is the hall of a Georgian house near the Welsh border. In Jacobean times it was a farmhouse. In the 1780s, the family added two bays and a third story. In the Victorian Age, they added two wings. In the 20th century they dismantled most of the additions so it's back to the 18th century in size.

A family had to be lucky or dedicated to retain so much history.

The cough syrup bottles make me feel this is an active family that douses itself rather than going to bed with a cold. I'd like to take a walk with them.