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David Davis wins one for liberty

David Davis has been re-elected as MP for Haltemprice and Howden with a large majority -

The Conservative candidate collected 17,113 votes, winning with a 15,355 majority. Second was the Green Party's candidate, Shan Oakes, third was Joanne Robinson for the English Democrats.

The turnout was 34.5 per cent, compared to 70.1 per cent for the 2005 General Election, when Mr Davis won with a majority of 5,116.

In total, 26 candidates contested the by-election, triggered when Mr Davis resigned over the issue of the Government's plans to detain terror suspects for 42 days without charge.

Despite assertions from Gordon Brown, a just-released poll shows 61% of Britons believe six weeks is far too long to hold a person before charging him.

A Guardian writer believes the poll's wording influenced the results. That's a possibility, but we believe the poll is evidence that the public was inspired by David Davis's stand against a bill which bludgeoned habeas corpus freedom in Britain.

"Meanwhile, the legislation, which only scraped through the Commons, has received a savaging in the House of Lords".

Cat adds - I think the Davis win will help to scuttle this bill.