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One of our best friends


We're not sure how long the image of Rebel, the puppy trainee, will last in Tayside so we've published his photo here. Image: Tayside Police

Speaking as an American, the comments and the apology described here sound like the latest in a series of insults offered to the majority of the British people.

We commend Richard Cook, director of the Campaign Against Political Correctness in Scotland, who said -

"Britain is the greatest dog-loving country in the world. In our culture, dogs are a man's best friend. . .for the police to apologise is ludicrous."

Speaking as a person with Irish ancestors, I recall that in the past the Irish used the boycott to some effect. Dog lovers could boycott the shops of those who dislike dogs. Alternatively they might speak gently about their love of dogs to those who doggedly detest them.

It never occurred to me before that Christians have the great good fortune of being able to love and be loved by dogs.

Thanks to Instapundit for alerting us.