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Britain "ratifies" the "dead" Lisbon Treaty

On the day that Napoleon was defeated at the Battle of Waterloo, Britain's politicians have ignored the people they are supposed to represent, and have "ratified" the Lisbon Treaty. Britain thus becomes the 19th European Union country to ratify the Lisbon Treaty without a referendum.

What we can find of the good in this very bad news appears in italics.

Conservatives tried to delay ratification in the Lords. The Royal Assent is expected to follow within 24 hours.

Brown is desperate to get the ratification process completed before he meets with his European counterparts. The likelihood is that The Queen will give Her Royal Assent, despite the enormous volume of postcards and letters she has received petitioning her to refuse, and despite the fact that giving her assent to a treaty destructive of British sovereignty casts grave doubt on her solemn promise to the British people to uphold their laws and customs.

Meanwhile the Treaty is supposed to be dead because the Irish people have rejected it, and the Czechs still may. "The Czech Republic suspended its own ratification process at least until the autumn, by sending the treaty to the Constitutional Court to determine whether it is in line with the country's constitution."

Then there is the additional matter of Stuart Wheeler's case, in which High Court judges are considering his argument that a referendum on the Treaty was promised and has to be delivered.

In the House of Commons, Mr Cameron accused Mr Brown and other European leaders of trying to bully Dublin. "Which part of 'no' doesn't the Prime Minister understand?" the Tory leader demanded. He also compared the PM to a spineless jellyfish.

The jellyfish also lacks a brain, but it stings and kills.

Britain must leave the EU.

With Churchill we say, never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never. . ."