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Funeral rites for Britain?

In the same week that Magna Carta will be 793 years old, the funeral rites for Britain have begun with scarcely a mention in Britain's mainstream press, or in America's.

Transnational elites have stealthily seized control of European nations and Britain, and though there are three last opportunities to escape the EU this week, it is doubtful that a Britain that has been hollowed out from inside can take advantage of them. If Britain does not, she will be finished as a nation according to the stated intentions of the EU.

The EU may appear to be benign, but the facts suggest otherwise. The EU's constitution as presently written will destroy the local, self-governing communities we call nations and turn them into regions of an empire whose law will be the Napoleonic Code, whose big, high-tax government corporatism will control its voiceless, monitored citizens as dependents, making politics and the environment a religion with "everything inside the state and nothing outside it" and everything "done for your own good" whether you like it or not.

The EU's constitution and system of justice, Corpus Juris, invite abuse. The citizens of the EU will not be protected by the law and their representatives, such as they are, will be remote.

The EU's tranzi elites do not believe in the free genius of a people making informed decisions. They have established a Parliament of elected MEPs that has as much to say about the hundreds of thousands of laws passed by the EU as a wedding cake has to say about a wedding. They do not believe in democracy. They will not allow the peoples of European countries to vote on the EU constitution because they know some of them would vote no.

Only one nation, Ireland, will vote on the constitution, on June 12. This is one of three attempts being made this week to stop the EU since the EU has said that every one of its 27 countries must approve the EU constitution for the constitution to go into effect. But what if the Irish people reject it?

Their vote, like the no vote of French and Dutch citizens, will be ignored. Still, the British people could seize on their refusal and unilaterally vote to withdraw from the EU, inviting the Irish to join them and the two European countries - Norway and Switzerland - that remain happily outside the EU.

In Britain, businessman Stuart Wheeler, who made a fortune in betting, and apparently is not averse to placing a bet at very long odds, is making the second effort to stop the EU. He goes into court today to argue that the Labour government promised the British people a referendum on the EU Constitution (also known as the Lisbon Treaty) and must uphold their pledge. It remains unclear at this hour what the ruling will be. The third attempt to stop the Lisbon Treaty is in the House of Lords.

Lords Pearson, Stoddart, Willoughby de Broke, and Blackwell are champions, but there are many members who were stacked in the Lords like so many logs to vote the Labour party line. A number of them will approve Lisbon because they risk losing their EU pensions if they do not.

Unless the British people rise up and rebel, they will have lost their country and their freedoms - achieved with so much sacrifice - 'not with a bang but with a whimper'.

And so the silence - as if we could pretend that nothing is happening as long as we don't make a sound.