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The Royal Tournament

The Royal Tournament was a staple of the summer, and much loved by everyone who saw it in London or at home on television. It was also a fundraiser for charities such as the Royal British Legion.

The world's largest military tattoo and pageant, the Royal Tournament was held annually by the Armed Forces between 1880 and 1999, when the vandals of the present regime, while finding money for useless enterprises and for Mr Blair's and Mr Brown's new kitchens, demolished and destroyed the Tournament.

The Royal Tournament gave us a tremendous sense of pride in our whole country, so of course it had to go.

Thanks to Athos, whose illuminating posts focus on culture, for bringing the videos to our attention.

A few YouTube comments, slightly edited -

YARROWS (6 days ago)
I used to sit with my Grandad (who served on HMS Kent during the war) and watched this, and felt proud of our Armed Forces and what he had done for his country. So it's crap my son can't see this great event.

keith1059 (1 week ago)
I still say the reason they cancelled this great British spectacle was because it was TOO BRITISH. Shame for this Country but most of all shame on the Government. This is Britain at its best. I saw every Tournament from 66-99, and I tell you no matter which service had the bulk of the show, whether Army, Navy or Airforce, you were never disappointed. Even to this day I still say it should come back!

loutaxi (4 weeks ago)
Wonderful video, I gave it five stars! I especially enjoyed seeing the lads performing 'Sunset.' I have posted my production 'Sunset A Californian's Tribute' which I have dedicated to the Royal Marines as a video response.

8thandIMarine (4 weeks ago)
A fantastic ceremony and great tradition from a former marine at 8th and I, Washington, DC.

Oh no, when was the Royal Tournament cancelled? I want to see the great show once in my lifetime. I won't mind travelling from Hong Kong to London to experience this meaningful event. Where can we send our petition to reinstate this Tournament?

heywoodejer (3 months ago)
Why was the Royal Tournament cancelled? Growing up in London my parents and I loved it. Being an ex SAS member we knew we could always count on the Marines. Gentlemen, I salute all of you.