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Prince of Wales urges leaders and people to save rain forests


This is the country where Alfred Russel Wallace discovered the importance of survival of the fittest to the development of species. Image: Java

Although we are skeptical about manmade global warming, we are very concerned about pollution and the destruction of forests, grasslands, rivers and seas.

In one of his "most out-spoken interventions", the Prince of Wales said that "a £15 billion annual programme was required to halt deforestation or the world would have to live with the dire consequences". The Prince believes that the destruction of rain forests, which is occurring on a vast scale, will create terrifying weather patterns.

That is possible. As the Prince also explains, fauna and flora are being lost, rich soil is being lost; the trees which provide so much of the oxygen we need to breathe are being lost.

According to the Worldwide Fund for Nature, established by concerned British conservationists in the 1960s, the number of birds, animals, marine and freshwater creatures in the world has dropped by almost one third since 1970. This is tragic, and it is most desperately tragic for human beings.

The Prince is urging leaders and citizens to act.