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An idea that doesn't add up

Englishman's Castle, which often informs and amuses, updated us on Conservative leader David Cameron's recent astonishing announcement that he "did not want to leave the European Union. . . because we're a trading nation" and we need "to have a say over what the rules of the single market are".

You say Cameron has an economics degree from Oxford?

The truth is we do not need to be in the European Union in order to trade - or in order to trade efficiently and profitably. Would the Germans refuse to sell us VWs if we were not in the European Union? Would the French refuse to sell us wine ? Would they refuse to use London's financial services? Why on earth would we want to stay in a Union that gives us less and less say while imposing high taxes and regulations, that overwhelms small and medium-sized British businesses, destroys our fishing grounds, wrecks our postal system. . .

Switzerland and Norway, both outside the EU, are flourishing.

Could we make it a rule that no one goes to Parliament who has not worked at a real job or run a real business for at least fifteen years?