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Irish to rescue British?

Irish producers have released a video called End of Nations - EU Takeover & the Lisbon Treaty. It explains many things about the European Union I had not heard explained before, including what we can expect from the EU's Qualified Majority Voting and what the Icelanders learned that made them back out of EU membership with the speed of a fisherman who hears the ice cracking under his feet.

The young Wise Up producers have realized that even the lowliest EU law will supersede the Irish Constitution. They have a deep respect and affection for the British-developed rights of trial by jury and habeas corpus, which they now own and love. Both those rights will be destroyed by the EU.

Under the Lisbon Treaty, nations with small populations will be overridden by large nations, but that hardly seems to matter as the EU intends that nations will disappear and the whole suprastate of half a billion people will be run by an unelected and handsomely compensated elite. For this and many other reasons, a majority of the British people dislikes the Lisbon Treaty, but have been denied a referendum on it by their government.

Like 19th century school boys, EU MEPs will be allowed to suggest laws to the higher-ups in the hope that someone may take notice of their squeaking. The higher-ups and the 3,000 committees on which they make laws about every aspect of life often include business lobbyists. Despite clear conflict-of-interest issues, their presence is viewed with complacency by the EU.

The video ends with a fierce speech by MEP Nigel Farage. He urges the Irish, the only people in Europe being allowed to vote on the Lisbon Treaty (on 12 June), to vote no. It would be poignant if the Irish, who once suffered at the hands of unjust British, pulled British chestnuts from the fire.

Not that the British people couldn't do that for themselves. It will take more than a no vote in a referendum. I am an optimist, and I think they will.