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A matter of loyalty

It has been reported that Labour MPs Frank Field and Kate Hoey could face party discipline for showing "disloyalty" by supporting the I Want a Referendum campaign.

But defender Neil O'Brien argues that "If Labour MPs campaign for a referendum that was promised in the Labour manifesto and is backed by the whole trade union movement and by nine out of ten Labour voters, then they can hardly be accused of disloyalty."

In Ireland, "According to a Sunday Business Post/Red C poll, support for the Lisbon Treaty has fallen from 43 per cent in February to 35 per cent today. Those opposed to the Treaty have increased from 24 per cent to 31 per cent, while the number of undecided voters remains almost unchanged, at 34 per cent".

Loyal to Britain. Loyal to Ireland. What a concept.

Thanks to Anthony Scholefield and Open Europe for the reports.