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Stiffening the House of Lords


The House of Lords returns from recess on Monday.

Recently four of us - Roy Faiers, the Editor of This England, John Gouriet of Defenders of the Realm, Lindsay Jenkins, the author of Disappearing Britain and several other titles, and I - wrote the editors of the national papers as follows -

While the House of Commons failed to notice that the Treaty of Lisbon is in conflict with the written British Constitution and is therefore unlawful, we doubt that the Lords will be so cavalier.

The EU threatens the British Constitution, which American founder John Adams called "the most stupendous fabric of invention" in history. The Bill of Rights, which appears in the Ministry of Justice Statute Law Data Base as a live statute, explicitly forbids Britain "to be ruled by Foreign Powers". The European Union means to be a foreign power, and the Lisbon Treaty cements the EU's control over the United Kingdom.

We trust that you will publicise the unvarnished facts so that we may all understand the enormity of what is being perpetrated in our name, but without our authority. The British people do not wish closer union with a prodigiously wasteful and deliberately undemocratic supra-state that will subvert the British Crown and their independence. They do not wish to lose their birthright.

We do trust that the Lords will discuss the Lisbon Treaty as it relates to the British Constitution.

We will be sending a slightly amended version of this letter to members of the Lords. Crossbenchers and bishops will be the main recipients. The more letters they receive the greater the chance of stiffening their spines to preserve the Constitution that has served us so well.