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Action before High Court

On Tuesday, 22 April the High Court will hear Stuart Wheeler’s action against the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary. Wheeler seeks to hold them to their party's manifesto which promised voters a referendum on the EU constitution, now known as the Lisbon Treaty.?

Stuart writes,

Although I am the person bringing the action it is, in effect, on behalf of all those of us – well over half the population – who want our say in a referendum.? There are, I believe, two reasons why there should be a referendum - ?
The Labour Party, as well as the other two main parties, made an unambiguous promise that they would call one.? They should keep that promise.

The Treaty is immensely important and so, irrespective of whether you think it should be ratified or not, you should be allowed a vote on it.

Those favouring a referendum (and those against it) know it's not the end of the story - enough voters rejecting the Lisbon Treaty will set the scene for Britain leaving the EU.

The EU is destroying the British Constitution and our freedoms. The referendum is our opportunity to mount a strong defence of the British Constitution and our rights, which are under attack.

Stuart Wheeler built IG Index, but he is not made of money, and the action is expensive, "enormously expensive," actually. If you would like to help - we have - please go here.