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Feeling warmer?


Lake Louise, Banff

Everyone I know in North America and Europe has spoken of a colder winter and spring. The skiers (David among them) found vast quantities of snow in April, and a friend with family in China has received the same reports. Admittedly these are not scientific reports. But there is news that is scientific that supports colder weather, and if we are very unlucky, a colder climate.

On the 31st of January we interviewed Ken Tapping, the project director of Canadian Space Agency's Flux Density Values. Tapping observed that the Flux Density Values were among the lowest he had seen, and that if they were to continue a mini ice age could begin, since lower flux density values are evidence of less magnetic activity, which means a dimmer, cooler Sun. This occurred during the Maunder Minimum lasting from 1645 and 1715.

The value released on January 31 for the Observed Flux Density Adjusted for 1 A.U. was 0071.4. Yesterday, April 9, the Observed Flux Density Adjusted for 1 A.U. was 0068.0.

Rather than going up, as Tapping expected the values would months ago, the values appear to be going down.

Clearly the Sun has not yet set her teapot to boil. I have half a mind to call Al Gore.