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It takes courage to speak out

As the Barnabas Fund has pointed out many times, Christians throughout the world are being persecuted. This is particularly true in most Muslim countries. In many it is impossible to build a church or even privately keep a Bible.

Alison Ruoff is a former magistrate and member of the Church of England's General Synod. Recently she "said in an interview with London’s Premier Christian Radio that no more mosques should be built in Britain until all persecution of Christians in Muslim nations had ceased".

Mrs Ruoff asked, “You build a mosque and then what happens? You have Muslim people moving into that area, all the shops will then become Islamic, all the housing will then become Islamic and as the Bishop of Rochester has so wisely pointed out, that will be a no-go area for anyone else".

On the one hand, "It is one of the beauties of living in Britain that we have freedom of worship". On the other hand, mosques, which are paid for by Saudi Arabia's oil money and teach extremist views, tend to create ghettos ruled by the law of Sharia. Sharia has no tolerance for the equality of men and women or for freedom, particularly the freedom to choose not to be Muslim. It also has no tolerance for Britain's common law, or it would not set itself up as a substitute.

Mrs Ruoff has been attacked verbally for her ideas, but she has raised questions that have to be answered.