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The gist of the Stop the Treaty Conference


We saw hundreds of members and former members of the UK Independence Party at Saturday's Stop the Treaty Conference. They were united in wanting a party that actively and effectively defended Britain's independence.

The principal speakers were the Earl of Dartmouth, Delroy Young, Trevor Colman, Tim Congdon, Sir George Earle, the Rev. George Hargreaves, Roger Knapman MEP, Geoffrey Kingscott, and Piers Merchant. The speakers and panels generated enormous discussion, and though success can only be achieved by action, I'd like to describe a few items which received interest and, in some cases, strong support.

1) Sir George Earle made a closely reasoned case for UKIP MEPs to withdraw from the Ind-Dem Group (IDG) in the European Parliament. The IDG seeks only to reform the EU from inside, while the UK Independence Party's manifesto states that Britain will leave the EU immediately and negotiate new, free trade treaties. Consequently, UKIP's future course - leaving the IDG - is clear.

2) An argument was advanced that UKIP MEPs should be restricted to a single term to prevent them “going native”. No doubt we will explore this idea which has many interesting features.

3) A Battle of Britain March starting in Stoke-on-Trent and marching on London was proposed. David Howells is point man.

4) To my surprise an idea I broached received some discussion, perhaps due to the interest in Philip Benwell's DVD, which explained the constitutional difficulties posed by the passage of the consitutional treaty (the so-called Lisbon treaty) for the status of the monarchy in Australia, Canada, and other countries of which HM Elizabeth II is Queen.

The idea is to demonstrate outside Buckingham Palace and wherever The Queen travels in Britain, affirming that the British people have a Covenant with her, made when she swore her Coronation Oath, and that we will support her refusal to give her Royal Assent to the Lisbon Treaty. Indeed, we will strongly advocate for her refusal since the treaty makes a shambles of her sovereignty and ours.

5) The presentation made by Piers Merchant showed us the electoral challenge we face. It is vital that we make strategic choices and publicize opposition to the Treaty.

I believe that rejuvenating the UK Independence Party with structural improvements is possible and that events sponsored by local members who network across the country with each other could be effective and fascinating.

Stop the Treaty has more details.