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'People power can stop the Lisbon Treaty'


"United we stand and divided we fall"
British Eurosceptics are joined by people across Europe in their opposition to the Lisbon Treaty/EU Constitution. The cross-party Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB), which gathers in conference at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminister this weekend, thinks there is a real chance that ‘people power’ across Europe could yet prevent the Treaty’s implementation.

According to CIB, "hundreds of thousands of Europeans have taken part in pro-democracy rallies and protests across the continent, from Vienna – the site of two major demonstrations by Austrian anti-EU campaigners – to Lisbon, where 200,000 Portuguese trade unionists took to the streets recently to voice their opposition to the Treaty. These opponents of the Treaty are united in their determination to defend their liberties, which they see as under threat by the latest Brussels power-grab that would create a single European state".

CIB's Joint Presidents are Sir Richard Body and Lord Stoddart of Swindon; its Vice-Presidents are Lord Beaumont of Whitley, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, Leolin Price CBE QC, Nigel Spearing, and Sir Teddy Taylor. Its Chairman is Dr Bob Spink MP; Hon.Secretary, Sir Robin Williams Bt.; Hon.Treasurer, John Harrison.

The CIB conference at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, on Saturday April 5, will help set the next stage of anti-EU campaigning in Britain, and "will address the need for pan-European and cross-party unity against the power-grabbing EU. The conference will feature major speeches by Daniel Hannan MEP (Conservative), Gerard Batten MEP (UK Independence Party – Candidate for London Mayor), Neil Herron (Metric Martyr Defence Fund) and CIB Chairman Dr Bob Spink MP (Independent Conservative). There will be a special message to the meeting from former MP Tony Benn (Labour)".

CIB spokesman Andy Smith said: "So far the EU has accumulated power in Brussels slowly and stealthily, with a series of treaties brought in by the back door. But the Lisbon Treaty, in one fell swoop, dramatically accelerates the destruction of national independence and the concentration of power in the European Commission, with only the toothless European 'Parliament', a glorified talking-shop, offering any kind of check or balance – and all of this at taxpayers’ expense".

And all of this without the people's approval. Britain's Gordon Brown, France's Nicolas Sarkozy and Germany's Angela Merkel have refused to allow referendums on the treaty.

Also meeting on April 5 is the STOP THE TREATY Conference at the Webbington Hotel, Loxton (near Bristol) 11 am to 5.30 pm. They, too, intend to set the next stage of anti-treaty strategy.

"United we stand and divided we fall" is a quote from Robert Grosseteste, 13th century scientist, bishop, and defender of the English language. The sentiment was used to great effect during the American Revolution. We would like to see it become the theme of all the campaigners.

We note - once again! - that no one appears to be saying a word about the British Constitution. The Lisbon Treaty is in direct conflict with the written British Constitution.

Let's stick by the Constitution, and for Pete's sake, let's stick together.