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Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force


A fly-past of Red Arrow and Typhoon planes soaring along the River Thames honours the Royal Air Force. The London Eye below the fly-past says, as well as anything, we guess, that the men and women serving in our Armed Services have protected our lives, our homes, our freedoms, and our light-hearted pleasures. Image: Nick Salmon, Ministry of Defence

Created on 1 April 1918 when the Army’s Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service were merged, the Royal Air Force celebrated its 90th anniversary today with celebrations around the United Kingdom. The RAF was the world’s first independent air force.


We wrote here in tribute to the RAF's inestimable sacrifice and service during World War II, which helped to preserve the world from Nazi dictatorship.

The Times reports that the thunder of the fly-past almost drowned out the Prime Minister's press conference. We wonder why he was inside talking rather than outside saluting. The Times also reports there will be a banquet at the RAF Museum tonight, and guests will be treated to another fly-by as nine Eurofighters and a Spitfire "take centre stage". Possibly Mr Brown will be there, saluting the European Union.