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Stonehenge a healing centre?


For the first time in almost 50 years, archaeologists are digging at Stonehenge. They hope that advances in archaeology will uncover the enigma of the Double Bluestone Circle. They have reason to believe that Stonehenge was an ancient healing centre that drew pilgrims from around Britain and the continent.

The evidence lies in the 80 huge bluestones, which were quarried from the Preseli Hills, 160 miles away, about 4,500 years ago, and carried to Salisbury Plain. The archaeologists are certain that healing properties were associated with the stones and waters of the Preseli.

Curiously, myth supports the claim. According to Arthurian legends, Stonehenge was a healing centre whose stones had been imported by the wizard Merlin for their healing properties. Stonehenge was linked by a two-mile processional avenue to the River Avon.

"A classical legend associated with the Greek Oracle of Delphi may also be relevant to Stonehenge's past. The legend states that the oracle at Delphi functioned for only part of the year because, for three months around the winter solstice, the site's oracular deity (the sun god Apollo) went to the "land of the hyperboreans" (literally "the land of the people beyond the north wind"), which is generally believed to be Britain. Significantly, Stonehenge is aligned with the winter as well as the summer solstice. . ."

Last year we wrote that Vivian Linacre's General Rule describes the builders of Stonehenge as familiar with Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Mean. Somehow I doubt the mystery of Stonehenge will ever be fully explained.