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Courage under fire

A Royal Marine could receive the highest award for gallantry after he saved the lives of his comrades by throwing himself onto an exploding grenade in Afghanistan, it has been reported -

A live hand-grenade was released threatening to blow up L/Cpl Croucher, 24, and the rest of the patrol. He shouted "grenade", and as his friends dived for cover, lay down with his back on the lethal device. He was saved by his backpack and Osprey body armour, and stood up with only a nose bleed.

British soldiers are fighting with NATO to restore peace to Afghanistan.


Flight Lieutenant Michelle Goodman Image: SAC Smith

In other news, Merlin helicopter pilot Flight Lieutenant Michelle Goodman became the first woman to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC).

She received the DFC "for an act of courage during her deployment to Iraq in June 2007, when as Aircraft Captain of an Incident Reaction Team (IRT) Merlin Helicopter she flew into an extremely dangerous area of Basra City to rescue a casualty. Flying on night goggles and under very heavy fire she landed next to the casualty and extracted him, despite mortar rounds landing nearby. Without the IRT, the casualty would have died within 15 minutes.

Flight Lieutenant Goodman commented -

"I am truly honoured to be awarded a DFC, but without both my crew and all the engineering support personnel, the rescue would not have been possible. . ."

in Basra, the scene of intense fighting over the last few days, Major Tom Holloway said -

"In terms of this operation itself we are providing niche capabilities that the Iraqi Armed Forces don't yet possess, particularly fast air and we have had 24 hour air cover over the city for the last four days providing surveillance which is being fed into the Iraqi operations centre inside the centre of Basra.

"It's encouraging that operations have been progressing as successfully as they have. It's a baptism of fire for the Iraqi Army but they have proved themselves in operations before as they are doing now."

This is a different report than we have received from the mainstream press. We await developments in the hope and the confidence that the courage and sacrifice of British, American and Allied soldiers will not be in vain.

May your week be good.