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Sarkozy's crème Chantilly

Simon Hoggart seems unable to accept a compliment to the British people. He batted away the "crème Chantilly" when Nicolas Sarkozy addressed the House of Lords -

France would never forget - never! She would never forget the English blood, Scottish blood, Welsh blood, not forgetting the Irish blood. They would never forget the welcome given in London to General de Gaulle (something which seemed to slip the General's own mind quite quickly). "France will never forget because it has no right to forget!"

(Compare and contrast with the General, who ordered all US troops out of France. One diplomat asked: "does that include the ones under the ground?")

. . .He [Sarkozy] also loves our parliament. He loves the whole country. Over the years our nation had become "aux yeux de beaucoup d'hommes, un idéal humain et un idéal politique". It wasn't just him - the whole world thought we were brilliant!

We recommend what we imagine is The Queen's customary response to an expression of gratitude: Too kind.

But see below.