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Thirteen year-old Tom Daley wins European diving championship

Despite being far behind in the diving competition, Tom Daley went to become "the youngest European diving champion on record."

"At 5ft 2in and 7st 7lb, Daley was on average nine years younger, seven inches shorter and 40lb lighter than the 11 other finalists in the ten-metre platform final. . .After the third dive of six, the teenager was in sixth place after blowing one of his easiest dives."

He came back brilliantly, stunningly, with unerring focus, winning the championship with dive after perfect dive from the tower.

"There's a lot of work gone into it back home," he said. "That gives you confidence. It's all the support system of people who have helped me, my school friends and the sacrifices I've made. When you stand up there you know that you can do it. It's a question of focusing and remembering what you have to do."

And to think he used to be afraid of heights.

The story includes a lovely tribute to his father.