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American Responses to EU Corruption

Two interesting comments were made to our recently published EU = Corruption report -

Wayne : Is this, perhaps, why socialism and totalitarianism are so often linked? Won't a free people ultimately reject the insulated, unaccountable and self perpetuating elites (and their rent seeking supplicants) if allowed insight into and control, via voting, over those who would be their lords and masters? Mar 21, 2008 07:07 AM

Morton Doodslag : A new and parasitic aristocracy is forming in Europe where the lessons of the American Revolution have never been learned or properly appreciated. We in America are not immune to this either. As our Federal system continues to siphon increasing taxes and exerts spiraling powers over the sovereignty of our States, it too poses a similar imperial threat. But the Europeans, in their fatally flawed attempt to establish a United States of Europe despite the will of The People, have condemned their project by not establishing government by The People for The People. Tyranny and utter stultifying corruption are the inevitable results.