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MPs supporting patriotic amendment to Lisbon Treaty

MPs John Redwood and Bill Cash co-sponsored a brilliant, democratic and patriotic amendment to the Lisbon Treaty (New Clause 9) -

Notwithstanding any provision of the European Communities Act 1972, nothing in this Act shall affect or be construed by any court in the UK as affecting the supremacy of Parliament.

In other words the British would remain a self-governing people. Shockingly just 49 MPs voted for the amendment.

Forget about the MPs who voted to support a nationwide referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, for such a referendum pales in comparison to this amendment. If the Lisbon Treaty were rejected, by Parliament or by referendum, we would still be left with the EU making 75% of our laws, most of which cannot be repealed.

This amendment would have returned control to lawmaking to our elected representatives in Parliament, whose powers are on loan from us. The heroes and heroines voting for the amendment were:

Ancram, rh Mr. Michael (Conservative)

Bacon, Mr. Richard (Conservative)

Binley, Mr. Brian (Conservative)

Bone, Mr. Peter (Conservative)

Butterfill, Sir John (Conservative)

Campbell, Mr. Gregory (Democratic Unionist Party)

Carswell, Mr. Douglas (Conservative)

Cash, Mr. William (Conservative)

Chope, Mr. Christopher (Conservative)

Conway, Derek (Independent Conservative)

Davies, Mr. Dai (Independent)

Davies, David (Democratic Unionist Party)

Davies, Philip (Conservative)

Dodds, Mr. Nigel (Democratic Unionist Party)

Duncan Smith, rh Mr. Iain ((Conservative)

Dunne, Mr. Philip (Conservative)

Evans, Mr. Nigel (Conservative)

Fraser, Christopher (Conservative)

Gale, Mr. Roger (Conservative)

Gray, Mr. James (Conservative)

Heathcoat-Amory, rh Mr. David (Conservative)

Hogg, rh Mr. Douglas (Conservative)

Hollobone, Mr. Philip (Conservative)

Holloway, Mr. Adam (Conservative)

Jenkin, Mr. Bernard (Conservative)

Knight, rh Mr. Greg (Conservative)

Leigh, Mr. Edward (Conservative)

Lilley, rh Mr. Peter (Conservative)

Main, Anne (Conservative)

Malins, Mr. Humfrey (Conservative)

McCrea, rev Dr. William (Democratic Unionist Party)

Pritchard, Mark (Conservative)

Redwood, rh Mr. John (Conservative)

Robinson, rh Mr. Peter (Democratic Unionist Party)

Scott, Mr. Lee (Conservative)

Shepherd, Mr. Richard (Conservative)

Simpson, David (Democratic Unionist Party)

Spink, Bob (Conservative)

Stuart, Mr. Graham (Labour)

Tapsell, Sir Peter (Conservative)

Taylor, Dr. Richard (Independent)

Turner, Mr. Andrew (Conservative)

Walker, Mr. Charles (Conservative)

Whittingdale, Mr. John (Conservative)

Widdecombe, rh Miss Ann (Conservative)

Wilshire, Mr. David (Conservative)

Wilson, Sammy (Democratic Unionist Party)

Winterton, Ann (Conservative)

Winterton, Sir Nicholas (Conservative)

We think you will remember them when you vote in the General Election, and we hope you will vote against any MP who did not support this amendment. Letting your MP know what you think of his or her vote is a good idea. Unfortunately Mr Mike Hancock apparently ended up voting both aye and nay.