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Lady Darcy de Knayth

The Telegraph writes,

Lady Darcy de Knayth, who has died aged 69, was one of four wheelchair-bound members of the House of Lords whose intervention in a debate on a private member's Bill in 1970 dramatically raised public awareness about the plight of the disabled.

Together with Baroness Masham, Viscount Ingleby and Lord Crawshaw, she was one of the "Wheelchair Brigade", for which one of the crossbenches was removed from the floor of the House so they could speak on the second reading in the Bill promoted by the Labour MP Alf Morris.

. . .she spoke with the authority of a 31-year-old widowed mother of three who was paralysed from the chest down. She exhibited no trace of self-pity.

. . .in the years that followed Lady Darcy continued to press the rights of the disabled, concentrating on education.

Her husband had been killed in the automobile crash that paralysed her. After lying in hospital recovering for a year, Lady Darcy had a car converted so she could drive her children.

In the Lords she had independent views. She was, for instance, strongly opposed to ID cards.

Our sentiments exactly.

She was a brave lady. Ave atque Vale.