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To the Lords!

From Open Europe comes the report that the "Salisbury convention, whereby the Lords does not vote against a Government's manifesto commitment, could be conversely applied by the Upper House to compel the Government to keep its manifesto commitment to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution".

Or as Lord Strathclyde clearly explained on the BBC, "If the Government put something in their manifesto which they then renege on, then there is a duty, an obligation on the House of Lords to get them to stick to what they promised."

He notes that the key question of whether the Lisbon Treaty is different from the Constitution was not adequately addressed in the House of Commons debates -

There was a series of 'power point presentations' in the House of Commons, instead of a proper crunchy debate looking at all the issues, and we are going to have that debate in the Lords. . .

Whipped by Labour, MPs walked the plank like men who think they will enjoy swimming.