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SOS – Driving through the gaps in the Lisbon Treaty


The March SOS, which has just gone up, features the terrible though not unexpected news that there are gaps in the European Union's Lisbon Treaty – gaps to be filled once the whole undemocratic process of approving it is complete across Britain and Europe - and in one of these unmentioned gaps is an EU army that will include 10,000 British soldiers.

We suspected this was being planned. What, as a wag might say, is a coup d'etat without an army? The British Government does not want the British people to hear about this or think about it – it might upset them since British soldiers are fighting to protect a democratically elected government in Afghanistan, but will soon be sent to serve in the army of the undemocratic EU, and the British people will have no say in the matter, none at all unless you think that a decision by MPs who were elected based on referendum pledges but refused to honour them is democracy at work.

The March SOS also describes plans for Europe-wide 'NHS' health care that will allow the rich to go to the head of the line; the fact that EU laws will rule supreme over Britain's well-loved Common Law; and corruption among MEPs, among other unsalubrious subjects. There is enough here to persuade you that the EU has won its unenviable reputation as an unelected, unaccountable, and increasingly despotic union entirely due to its own efforts. Read for yourself.