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Remembering Commonwealth Day

It is possible, as the Telegraph suggests, that few know and care about Commonwealth Day, but we doubt that this is true of many of the people living in Commonwealth countries outside the United Kingdom. Our travels provide only anecdotal evidence, but the people that David has met on his travels seem warmly attached to Britain and to what they perceive to be British ties and ideals.

As you know, the Commonwealth is an international organisation of 53 independent sovereign states, most of them former British colonies. They are supposed to cooperate within a framework of common values and goals, including the promotion of democracy, good governance, the rule of law, individual liberty, and free trade. They have censured members who have fallen away from these ideals.

Exactly how they will deal with the United Kingdom if her sovereignty is utterly lost to the European Union is a question that Mr Brown hopes to kick into the long grass. Certainly the Commonwealth ignores the fact that Britain's trade is now decided in Brussels and is no longer really free.

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will attend the Commonwealth Observance at Westminster Abbey today.