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The next generation


"How small of all that human hearts endure / That part which laws or kings can cause or cure." Samuel Johnson

Is this really true?

I cannot help but feel that Johnson is right only if we are living in a free country. If we are living in a country that is not free, unjust laws and ‘kings’ will create misery and loss for us and for our children and our sorrows will be a great part of all that our hearts endure. That, after all, is the history of the world.

I would like to believe that Johnson is right and that it doesn't really matter if Parliament passes the EU's Lisbon Treaty in the next several weeks because the British people are energetic and creative and so brave that the EU will never overcome them.

I would like to believe that, but I would prefer not to test the theory. Particularly I would not like to test it on the next generation.