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Emailing your MP might be more your style


Protestors climbed a crane close to Parliament and unfurled a banner demanding a referendum on the EU constitution treaty. Kudos to the climbers. MPs will vote on the treaty this week. A less physically demanding protest would be to email your MP. It's also an effective one, as the Democracy Movement explains. (Image and story: The Sun)

Go to the Democracy Movement website, see where your MP stands by entering your postcode, and write your MP using the Democracy form or this one.

Democracy suggests that it is too close to the vote in Parliament to question your MP about his stance and obtain a response.

"Simply state that if your MP votes against your right to have a say on the EU Constitution / Lisbon Treaty that you were promised at the last general election, then they will definitely not have your vote when they come up for re-election.

"Many anti-referendum MPs simply cannot afford to ignore the potential loss of votes because they are
clinging to their seats in Parliament by a relatively small majority."

Please, email your MP.

Thanks to John Wallace and Dave Barnby for forwarding this information.