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“Poll shows overwhelming support for EU referendum”


I want a referendum has done a tremendous job.

Toby Helm reports -

"Gordon Brown's attempts to avert an EU referendum have suffered a severe setback after 88 per cent of voters demanded a national ballot in the biggest test of public opinion yet held on the issue."
"In an extraordinary show of support, 133, 251 out of 152,520 people who responded in a series of mini-referendums, backed a plebiscite on plans to transfer more national sovereignty to Brussels under the Lisbon Treaty."

Significantly, 89 per cent of the voters said that the United Kingdom should reject the Treaty.

"The results will add to pressure on Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs, who fear their majorities could be wiped out if euro-sceptic voters desert them, to defy their own parties and back Tory calls for a referendum in a key Commons vote on Wednesday.

The mini referendums, organized by the cross-party I Want a Referendum organisation, were conducted in ten marginal seats currently held by Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs. . ."

If the Treaty is approved, Britain will cease to be a self-governing nation, and its laws will be made by unelected, unsackable EU bureaucrats who will cost British taxpayers a fortune in salaries, expenses, and regulations - not to mention their freedom.

The vote on the treaty is likely to come up in the Commons on the 5th. I have written to my MP again, and hope you do the same.

MP email addresses are here.