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Write to your MP


I want a referendum reports that "Nearly 3,000 people from across Britain converged on Westminster on Wednesday to lobby their MPs for a referendum on the revived Constitutional Treaty". Veteran Labour politician Tony Benn, who gave up his peerage to become a MP, greeted and spoke to people queuing to lobby their MPs, telling them, "This is how you get democracy".

Astoundingly the BBC actually covered the event, which included a roster of impressive speakers -

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague; Ian Davidson MP; Dan Hannan MEP; Max Andersson, Green Member of the Swedish Parliament; Simon Wolfson, CEO of Next plc; Roger Cole from the Irish NO campaign; Trade Unionist Alex Gordon; Journalist and author Christopher Booker; Nick Herbert MP; Ruth Lea of Global Vision; Thomas Rupp from the European Referendum Campaign; Lord Leach of Fairford; and Derek Scott, IWR Chairman and former advisor to Tony Blair.

As the vote on the Treaty reaches the House of Commons on March 5, it is vital that you write (and write again) to your MP, urging him or her to reject the treaty and to call for a referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty. I wrote my MP a few days ago, and have yet to receive a reply. This will not inhibit me from writing again. Email addresses of MPs are here.

Remind your MP that although the Government claims that the new treaty is nothing like the old EU Constitution other EU leaders have admitted it is almost exactly the same. German Chancellor Angela Merkel - “The substance of the Constitution is preserved. That is a fact.” The Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero - “We have not let a single substantial point of the Constitutional Treaty go. . .This is a project of foundational character, a treaty for a new Europe.”

All the main parties were elected on manifestos that promised a referendum on the EU constitution. This is a matter of trust.

This is also a matter of treason.