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To thine own template be true

The blog Churchill’s Parrot recently posted a provocative post on race and philosophy (and linked to this website's Liberty Timeline.) CP quotes James C. Bennett, author of The Anglosphere Challenge -

"Recent DNA evidence has shown that a substantial core of the British population has a genetic commonality going back over 13 millennia and a surprising cousinage to the pre-Indo-European Basque population of Europe. Throughout its history, Britain has seen waves of settlers arriving and intermingling with this ancient stock. Its daughter nations, and particularly America, have been enormously successful in maintaining the unique template of its society and culture while integrating waves of immigrants, both voluntary and involuntary, into that template. This strongly suggests that the unique strengths of Anglosphere society lie in the template rather than the materials it organizes.

Our common heritage is not racial, but philosophical - we share a template - The Freedom Network.