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Patriots mount legal challenges

We are impressed with the number of stalwart, patriotic individuals who mostly on their own shilling are making valiant attempts to defend the freedom of the British people and in particular to put a halt to the EU’s constitutional treaty of Lisbon.

There is ex-policeman STUART BOWER who is suing the Prime Minister for breach of contract. The Labour Party promised a referendum on the EU constitution, and this influenced the vote of Bower and many others. Now Brown refuses to honour his party’s promise. Bower’s case will be heard in Brighton County Court on Thursday, 7 February at 10;30 am. (You can show your support by showing up, preferably with a sign, at 9:30.)

There is TREVOR COLMAN, an ex-detective inspector, who is promoting parish polls demanding a referendum on the EU. It is our legal right to hold and vote in these parish polls. So far 65 parishes have started the process, and 19 have completed it. Every single poll has shown an overwhelming vote of the people – 95.5% - in support of a referendum on the EU. In addition I want a is planning 19 constituency-wide polls.

There is JOHN GOURIET, a veteran of previous freedom struggles, who with millionaire STUART WHEELER is seeking a Judicial Review of the Lisbon Treaty in the courts. Gouriet and Wheeler assert that the Treaty is in gross violation of the British Constitution.

There is ELISABETH BECKETT who has refused to pay that part of her Council taxes that funds the EU’s regional assemblies which have never been mandated by Parliament.

There is JOHN GALLOWAY who has filed a Complaint with the Parliamentary Ombudsman, declaring that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is being untruthful about the cause and effect of the new EU Constitution, which is masquerading as the Lisbon Treaty and will destroy Britain's sovereignty.

You may know of other legal challenges. If so, let us know.

We hope and pray that there are honest judges with sufficient understanding of the British Constitution to rule justly so that these challenges succeed.