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A surprisingly candid report from National Public Radio

This site tries to describe Brits at their best. However, we do have a section on the threats to Britain and the British way of life. There are many of these, but the two we highlight are militant Islam and the European Union.

Given the politically correct views of most American media and academia, I was surprised to hear one of NPR’s European correspondents talking about militant female Islamists in Britain. Sylvia Poggioli is renowned for her leftist but always well-crafted pieces. In this series, she attempts to cover European responses to violent Islamists and Muslim immigration.

You may be interested in the point of view of young Islamist women who have grown up in Britain without seeming to have a trace of affection or interest in British culture. In our opinion this is the result of being spoon-fed the ideology of violent Islamists and the British government’s unwillingness to understand, teach, and defend the best in British and western culture.

3rd in series - transcript and audio available here.

4th in the series - transcript and audio available here.

Understanding the danger is essential to addressing the problem.