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"I wish to live in a country that governs itself"

"I wish to live in a country that governs itself. I wish to vote for people who, if elected, have power to take decisions and to alter the policies with which we are governed. . .

"I have never understood why so many of our politicians, who bang on about 'rights' and 'democracy' when they stand in our elections seem quite happy to forgo the same where Europe is concerned.

What is the point of electing governments, if there are vital policies that they cannot alter?" Simon Heffer in the Telegraph.

I wish to live in a country with a government that defends its people's liberties, and is extremely circumspect about spending its people's money. Among those liberties is the right to live our lives as we think best, free of government harassment and nagging, with just laws and fair enforcement to protect us from those who might seek to do us harm. Most of all I want to live in a country whose government recognises that my liberties belong to me by right. They are not a gift of government.