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"Outdoor activities"

It is a fact that the struggle for freedom in Britain includes a rich record of “outdoor activities” –

The City of London, led by Serlo the Mercer, threw open the city to the army of knights on their way to Runnymede

Montfort and the bachelor knights defended Britain’s first parliament and honest sheriffs in battle

The Great Revolt opposed the 14th century poll tax and wage freezes

The Civil War and the Glorious Revolution of the 17th century

The revolt of British subjects in America, the American Revolution in the 18th century.

The abolition of slavery in the 18th and 19th centuries

The mass rallies of the Chartists in the 19th century

The Suffragettes, who famously chained themselves to railings outside 10 Downing Street during the 19th and 20th centuries

The revolt of British subjects in India in the 20th century

Many of these outdoor activities were unsuccessful for decades, but they all succeeded in realising their goals in the end.

History suggests that “outdoor activities” of one kind or another could support the efforts now underway to oppose the EU constitution and to support British independence.