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A short response - zombies

A political writer asked me what I thought of the British Government's proposal to insert microchips under the skin of prisoners and let them out of prison. When that doesn't work the Government will talk about their success, and doubtless propose micro-chipping children 'to keep them safe'.

This is the same government that does not know the location of thousands of hardened criminals mistakenly released from prison; that does not know where the sensitive private banking files of millions of British people have gone; that has overseen the decline of health services and education standards while raising taxes; that is depriving the British people of presumption of innocence, habeas corpus, jury trials and their sovereign independence by forcing them into the EU; that has watched while British business people are unfairly penalized by EU regulations and British fishermen are destroyed; that presides over the highest crime rates in more than one hundred years; that has allowed millions of people to enter Britain, thereby depressing the wages of lower income working Brits. . .

My short response is that it would appear that the people running Britain are zombies.

This is not a kind response, but it does point to the overwhelming influence of the EU and an ideology that believes that governments rather than people are the lifeblood of a nation.