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Blair despair

Though it may sometimes strike you that we write about the first thing that comes into our heads, this is not so. Usually we write about the second. Seriously, a post that one of us has written or proposed is often vetoed by the other.

After Tony Blair betrayed our country to the European Union, and refused to allow a referendum on the EU, he left office and decided to convert to Catholicism. At the time Cat suspected an ulterior motive. The timing of the conversion was unusual - new members of the Church are usually received at Easter. Further Cat noted that the majority of Europe's population is Catholic. Anyone hoping to be President of the EU might well find his path smoother if he, too, were Catholic. However, the idea was so appalling that each of us separately spiked the post. However, the Telegraph’s just published report on Blair's ambitions for the EU presidency made us wonder if anything were sacred to this politician.

Of course a person's religion is a private matter. Our cynicism about Mr Blair is about promises broken. As it stands, the EU is not a place where a free country would want to be. Its inception and conception appear to be the handiwork of elites motivated by an ideology of socialism or by personal gain. A realist might well wonder what motivates Mr Blair.

This site is supposed to be about the best of the Brits and we often describe the men and women who are opposing those self-serving politicians who are selling out their country for their own advancement. Blair seems to fall into the latter category. As we often have remarked the best of the Brits have often been in a desperate struggle with the worst.