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"The Constitution that She has taken Her Oath to support"


We have found a constitutionally charged comment on a film provided by The Queen to YouTube.

The film, narrated by John de Vere Loder, 2nd Baron Wakehurst, KG, GCMG, shows The Queen’s Coronation, and refers explicitly to the Constitution that The Queen swore to defend. This is the same Constitution that politicians tell us does not exist. This is the same Constitution that the people are now petitioning The Queen to defend by refusing Her Royal Assent to the Lisbon Treaty.

Here is the narration by Lord Wakehurst -

"When she is anointed with the consecrated oil, when she takes into her hands the orb, the sceptre, and all the other symbols of royalty, such as the sword, the bracelets, the spurs, and when homage is paid in the form prescribed by the traditions of a thousand years, HER PEOPLE ARE PLEDGING THEMSELVES ON THEIR PART TO HONOUR THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE NATION IN HER PERSON AND TO WORK WITH HER IN MAINTAINING THE CONSTITUTION THAT SHE HAS TAKEN HER OATH TO SUPPORT."

Of course The Queen needs the people to work with her "in maintaining the Constitution that She has taken Her Oath to support".


To work with The Queen in support of the Constitution, visit Your Own Choice, which provides a refresher on the Constitution, sign the petition, and send in your postcard.

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If any reader of our blog can point us to a film or audio recording of Her Majesty speaking the Coronation Oath, we would be glad to put it up.