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The good deeds of Bill Deedes continue

When WFD published his memoirs in 1997, his friend and travelling companion, Anne Allport, suggested to him that he put the monies into a fund for Africa, and his trust was established. He used to joke that, when he reached the Pearly Gates and started negotiations with St Peter, he wanted something more on his slate than 60 (or 70) years in journalism.

But it went deeper than that. Something rubbed off from his saintly and ascetic Uncle Wyndham; and the fact of his having survived the Second World War while so many of his men did not, which gave him a sense of unworthiness, found solace in helping those who had no possibility of a good start in life.

He was moved by the willingness of the pupils in Zimbabwe to study, scrubbed and dressed in their best, carrying their chairs to school. . .”